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    Refreshed TDE files now saving to temp folder instead of usual location

    David Murphy

      For over a year I have been updating a .tde extract (which connects to a MySQL database) which is saved in a folder on the company server. Several .twb files point at this .tde and they automatically update when the .tde is refreshed.


      However, when trying to refresh the .tde file in the new year it now saves in my temp folder e.g. c:\users\username\temp... instead of the usual place on the server. Meaning that the .twb files pointing to the .tde file on the sever won't update with the newest data.


      Has any one else encountered this issue at all or know of any common causes for this?

      It was all fine before and nothing has changed on my end that I'm aware of, so I'm not sure why Tableau has decided to start doing this.


      Many thanks in advance,



      P.s. I'm aware of this similar threat, but that one focusses on packaged workbooks, not normal ones - http://community.tableau.com/thread/119111