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    Missing records in large tde from PostgreSQL

    Nathan Schofield



      I have an tde I am trying to make from a PostgreSQL DB. I take 'some of the records' from a table (filter on a categorical variable to take 6 of 23 options) and the remainder should be ~21million records in the tde. The extract takes more than 2 hours to make. When it is complete there are missing records in random order. This is different that when I use a live connection, I get the correct amount of records.


      I do have some null values in my data. I have seen another post (http://community.tableau.com/thread/109869) which has similar issues with a csv. But this is a Jet connection problem, not PostgreSQL.


      Does anyone have any idea why I come across this problem?



      Nathan Schofield

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          Richard Leeke

          I'd start by looking at the Tableau logs of the extract being created. That will show you the query used to retrieve the data from Postgres and tell you how many rows it returned.


          That should at least let you see whether the query got all the correct rows and then Tableau lost some in the process of writing the extract or whether the query was wrong for some reason. There might even be some other useful messages.


          It takes a bit of poring over some fairly verbose logs, but you often find clues that may.

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            Nathan Schofield

            Thanks Richard,


            Sorry for the slow response. I was on leave. I cleared my logs to try this and like magic, 7th time lucky, it actually worked! This is a bit frustrating actually because I now don't know why it extracted less records to start with....


            Thanks for your help anyhow.




            Nathan Schofield