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    Bar charts by state?

    Steve Timko

      I see Tableau Public can do pie charts by states.

      Is is possible to do Bar Charts by states?

      One of my problems is that I am comparing data for all 50 states. So high population states like California and Florida tend to skew the size of the bars when you compare them to states with less population.

      If there are no bar charts by state, any other suggestions how to present the data? So far, it looks like the best is side-by-side bar charts.

      I have six categories of data for each state.

      Here is a link to the data in a side-by-side charthttp://public.tableausoftware.com/static/images/Da/Databystate/Sheet1/1.png

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          Alex Kerin

          Is is important to compare state to state at all? Or just fields within a state? Is comparing the relative value of Field 1 in CA important compared to the relative value in IN?


          Without an understanding of what the fields are, it's difficult to advise you on the 'best' viz. You can create some calculations to create a percent of Field 1 compared to all Fields in that state, but I don't know if that makes sense. Attached is that at least, plus another view of the data. It looks like you may benefit from reshaping your data as well.