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    Very Slow Query Performance after updating a data connection

    Reginald Green

      Hi Everyone,


      I am seeing some very strange behavior when updating an existing data connection that points to Oracle SQL datasource?


      I updated data connection's SQL, then clicked OK; the query never comes back. I then created a new data connection in the same workbook, using the same query; the query comes back. The only difference between the 2 data connections is that there are a bunch of worksheets connected to the first.


      As, I workaround, I replaced the old connection with new (I'm using Tableau v7). I then tried to refresh the new connection; now the new connection isn't refreshing.


      Is there a flaw in the data connection update? Does the Tableau data engine interact differently with a database when a data connection has worksheets attached to a data connection that has no worksheets attached ? I spent a whole day various trials and errors, but with no avail.