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    Filtering two (or more) data sources by more than one global filter

    sowmya chandrasekaran

      We have a requirement where there are multiple sheets connecting to multiple data sources, we have global filters set to filter data.

      I came across this thread -

      http://kb.tableausoftware.com/articles/knowledgebase/filtering-multiple-dimensions-using-parameters where there is one parameter filter,


      But I would like to have two or more global filters with multi-select option acting on multiple datza sources - the other solution could be linking the data sources as one single data source with linked columns, We dont want to do that option because each data source is of huge data and would ideally want only one data source per sheet but with multiple global fitlers.


      Can you please let us know if this is achieveable?


      Also there is one more question, can we call a dashboard URL onchange of a filter value?