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    Deleted data in excel document causing app to crash (And public web views to fail)

    Evan Sebenius

      The following was causing the web app to fail to render the view, and whatever action I took after attempting to save my project to the web resulted in a Tableau Public crash as well:


      - Excel 2010 document with the first row as column headers, and rows of data in each column

      - First column contains dates, each other column contains numerical data

      - Four views were created:

           - Pie graph paged by date

           - Bar graph paged by date

           - Line graph

           - Stacked bar graph

      - All four views composed into a dashboard and uploaded to Public server

      - Renamed Excel Sheet

      - Deleted several rows of data

      - Reloaded the data source in Tableau Public - Encountered an error due to the sheet name change

      - Uploaded to Tableau Public server


      At this point, the public link no longer functioned and every action in Tableau Public 7 crashed it.


      I went to 'View Data', which showed a bunch of null rows (presumably the deleted data.  I went to 'Edit Tables' and clicked Okay, and viewing the data again showed no null rows.


      At that point, everything seemed to be working just fine.