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    Calculated field

    Annie Elliott

      Hi folks -


      I know this would be easy to do in a table calc, but the information I need is lost in the table as constructed, so I need to do it in a calculated field instead.


      I have the following fields...









      I need to display…



      Days since release




      % of total my_counts on the date that corresponds to days since release (lets call that whole thing X)


      So that I can answer the question, "For each version, at what day since release does that version have X >= 60%"


      I have verified can get X from a table calc if all I want to do is display a table where rows = date and cols = version and I do % total using table across (but note that if I say instead using date, the answers are wrong. not sure why.).


      However, the table as constructed does not tell the story I need, so I need to create X as a calculated field.


      How do I create a calculated field to force SUM([my_count]) / TOTAL(SUM([my_count])) for all rows on that date, and so that all the values in this field would add up to 100%/unity for a given date?


      Do I simply need an IF clause for date equality in the denominator? It seems to me there *must* be some partition function I could use, but the window_sum RTFM does not seem to apply here.