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    General: Match calculation not working properly


      Hi there,


      I'm trying to do a simply match calculation with the below formula:


      W/W Coverage Change:

      IF [Week 1 Coverage]=[Week 2 Coverage]

      THEN "Not Changed"

      Else "Changed"



      Week 1  and Week 2 Coverage are calcuations:

      Week1 = IIF([Week]="Week1",[Current Coverage - BMC],NULL)

      Week2 = IIF([Week]="Week2",[Current Coverage - BMC],NULL)


      These will produce what the customer segment is by report date so example for Accountx, Week1 = Commercial and the same account in Week2 = Commercial.


      What I want to show is if Commercial = Commercial for the same account then give me "Not Changed" else give me "Changed."


      Currently what I get is "Changed" with the formula above for all accounts no matter if the segment matches in week 1 and week2.


      Can someone please help?


      Thank you, Adriana