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    Creating a second bullet in a Tableau Bullet Diagram

    jacob perler

      I am working on a bullet diagram in Tableau for a survey model which essentially shows the average quantitative response between 1-4 for different questions, and the response of one individual as a bullet.  However, I would like to add in a target response bullet as well (e.g. the group response is 3, the individual response is 3.5, but the target response is 4).


      I attached the workbook for reference.  The "Ops Diagnostic 2" tab shows the table of data, with the 2nd to last column being the Target data that I want to use.  The "Ops Diagnostic 4" tab shows the actual bullet chart as it stands now.  Ideally, I would like to show the differences between the a) respondent average response b) average our response and c) average target response. 


      I am not sure if two bullets can be used in each row, or if there is a way to have one bullet and two bars in one row (maybe one in the background and one in the foreground?).


      I appreciate the help in this.