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    How can I resolve an "out of memory" error when using table calculations?

    Sarah A

      I have a set of table calculations which are used to calculate the number of people who signed up for at least one of a series of newsletters. 


      In order to get this number, I have to calculate table calculations for "Full Name" and for "Newsletter".  In the example below, the first calculation (Number signed at Start of Month) has four tabs:


      tab 1) b New Opt Ins : running total of maximum opt status across newsletter

      tab 2)  b New Opt Ins pt 2: finding previous value of tab 1 values across date

      tab 3) 1.1 Start Opt Ins: looking up previous value across opt date (so it will be "start" of month)

      tab 4) 1.2 Start Opt Ins: window sum of tab 3 values across full name.


      These calculations all work in the example file I attached.  The problem is that once I try to use real data, three is a large number of names (up to 53,000).  When I try to drag "full name" onto the row shelf to do the calculations, I get the error message:


      "The field being added may contain as many as 54,000 members and the recommended maximum for this shelf is 1000.". 


      When I try to add anyway, I get a message that there is not enough memory. 


      Does anyone have any ideas for a possible solution?  Is there some way I can change the table calculations to calculate across full name without dragging full name to the shelf?  Is there an easy way to increase my memory?