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    Flag first date of service by Customer

    jen green

      I have data that shows numerous dates of service by customer.  I want to "flag" the first date of service.  I understand the min(date) function but not sure how do use it with a customer ID to create a flag.  Any and all help is greatly appreciated!!

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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Jen,


          It depends on how your view is set up. If it's simply a list of customers, placing min(Date) on the text shelf will allow you to easily see the earliest date for each customer. Another option would be to use the window min function. A gantt chart could be created or something similar that uses a formula similar to the following and placing it on the color shelf:


          if min([Order Date])=window_min(min([Order Date])) then 'show' else 'hide' end


          Hope this helps a bit!