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    How to hide a filter if all the values are NULL?

    Anuj Gupta



      I’m trying to hide Filters dynamically, depending on the selection on another filter, in one of the Tableau Reports I’m working on. Following is the scenario:

      1. We have a Flow Type.
      2. For Some Flow Type we have Flow Subtypes while some doesn’t have subtype.
      3. So for the Flows, that have a Flow Subtype:
        1. A subtype filter is displayed, so the user can make a choice.
        2. The Data view too has a Subtype field displayed.
      4. For the Flow that Doesn’t have Flow Subtype i.e SubType value is null:
        1. A subtype filter should be hidden fro, the view , so the user doesn’t have to worry about the selection.
        2. The Subtype row should also be hidden from the data view


      Please help me with this.