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    Calculating Educational Student Retention

    Daniel Hassler

      I am attempting to calculate retention of students from one semester to another. I am using a single table that includes enrollment for all semesters. My starting set of students should be students with an Admit Term that equals the parameter set by the user (eg. Fall 2011) and that actually enrolled in a class during that semester (eg. Academic Load >0).


      From that set, I want to be able to see which of the students that meet those criteria enrolled in a subsequent term.


      In my mind, I feel like I am asking Tableau to only look at enrollment for a given semester even though the data set includes all semesters and compare it against enrollment from another semester. Is there any way to do this? Am I asking the wrong question?



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          Andy Piper



          Depending on how the data is formatted, this is likely possible. Any chance you could post a packaged workbook showing a sample of what you're working with? This way folks won't have to guess how you have things set up and try to recreate it, they'll have your configuration in front of them.


          Of course, protect any names and contact info in the data first.