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    Multiple Wildcard Filters

    Mary Rani

      Hi All,


      I have added multiple wildcard filters. While searching for a string like "SITRON*" in the first filter, the worksheet turns blank(although there is matching data) and is not updated correctly. The behavior seen is :


      1. Created a worksheet in Tableau Desktop with Superstore Sales as the data source. Added Customer Name under Rows, Order Priority under Columns.

      2. Added two wildcard filters for each of these fields. While creating the filer, under "Wildcard", given a string for Match Value and selected "contains".

      3. When searching in the second filter, data appears but when searching in the first filter, the sheet turns blank.


      Is this expected? If so, why is this behavior seen?

      How can we make multiple wildcard filters work?


      I have attached sample workbook for reference.


      Please let me know about this as soon as possible, as I need to update our customer in turn.