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    Best Practices for Publishing Dashboards created remotely with Excel

    Michele Fork

      Hi Tableau folks,


      I wanted to ask the seasoned users of Tableau Server how you are publishing and managing dashboards being created by remote desktop users using large excel data sources located on private share drives across the organization.  Option 1: Our original thought was to have all dashboards/sources sent through our datawarehousing group and one person would publish what was necessary from a network share that Tableau can access.  We have run into problems with that approach not allowing the workbook to be publised becasue it cannot find the original source drive even though we copied it to an open network share that Tableau can read and published from there.


      Does anyone use this approach, if so, can you describe how?  Also, what should be published, the .twb file AND the data Source, will Tableau automatically connect them if it was built that way, or would we need to reconnect the file with the source?  Is there ever a time folks have published the .twbx file?  Are their drawback to having everything flow through one group/network/share or is this advisable?


      Option 2: Now we are leaning on allowing the users to publish their own dashboards from their version of desktop into a TST project on Server so that we can review before publishing?  In this case, I guess users would update their own data sources.  Has anyone taken this approach?  If so, how are updates managed/ any concerns? 


      THANKS for weighing in, we could use some insight.



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