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    Display results in "ALL"


      I have created a simple date filter that allows user to select a specific time range.  I want to display the selected date range in the title of the report.  However, when I insert the date field in the title, the resulting display is "ALL" instead of the the actual selected date.  What do I need to do to have the display, display the actual date range?



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          Catherine Rivier


          On the view, if you bring into the Level of Detail pane, the MIN(Date) and the MAX(Date), you should be able to reference these in your title.


          It all depends on your view of course.  But I played around with some sample data on this, and with a simple line chart of volume over time, I can just have the title be MIN(Date) and it will give me the correct range.


          Let me know if this doesn't work, but hopefully this should do the trick!