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    Incremetal Data Extract Refreshes


      Hi Everyone,


      I'm fairly new to Tableau, so I apologize is this is an obvious question.


      I'm building several reports based on a Tableau data extract as the data source.  I want to refresh the extract daily, but it's a pretty large amount of data so a full refresh takes around 2 hours and it is a pretty heavy impact on the source database. 


      Instead, I want to just get incremental refreshes.  I'm able to easily identify the records that are changed, however, my problem is how to "merge" data into the extract.  From what I see about the incremental extract refresh, it only inserts new data points but doesn't update old ones.  And our data changes over time, so we need to both insert new records and update old records.


      Is there a way to intelligently refresh the data?  Are there any guidelines and best practices someone can share with me about how to use them to their fullest?