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    Tableau Data Engine Error: 8: socket: not connected

    Sid Namasivayam

      I am trying to upload a workbook on the server and I get this error.  What is causing this error?

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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Sid,


          There can be several causes for extracts to fail. Generally there is some sort of corruption within the extract which is being refreshed, or there is a network or database constraint which is inhibiting the extract.

          If the underlying issue is network or database related, it may be possible that creating a smaller extract is possible, while a large extract may strain resources or trigger some sort of time out.

          However, if the extract only fails for one workbook, and if a new extract can be made to the same table in a new workbook, then the issue may be that the extract just needs to be regenerated.


          One option that has resolved this issue in the past is to completely remove and recreate the extract which has the error.

          Please create a backup copy of the workbook/extract and try completely removing and re-creating the extract. Here are the instructions to remove and recreate the extract file in 7.0. Please be sure to first backup the file.

          a. Click on Data > [data source name] > Extract > Remove
          b. Select "Remove and delete the extract file"
          c. Click on Data > [data source name] > Extract Data
          d. Click the Extract button (please be sure to note the time)
          e. Choose a location to save the file
          f. Click Save and verify the issue persists


          If this does not resolve the issue, I would recommend sending a ticket to our support team at support@tableausoftware.com


          Be sure to include:


          1. A screen shot of the error message (with the Show Details option selected)

          2. Desktop logs: http://kb.tableausoftware.com/articles/knowledgebase/sending-tableau-desktop-log-files


          Hope this helps!