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    Is it possible to set auto logout time by user?

    . Matthew

      By connecting to both an order entry DB and the back end of a IP telephone switch, I am using a Tableau Server login to broadcasting the latest sales and telephone stats in a sales office.


      By using a couple of Firefox add ins I am rotating through a number of different vizes and doing timed refreshes of the URL.  Coupling this with the ?:refresh=yes url addition produces some pretty convincing results.


      However every so often - it seems pretty random - the auto user logout kicks in.


      I would have thought that the browser generated refresh would have constituted activity and would have kept the session live but apparently not.


      As the server is used for many different tasks I am disinclined to set a blanket extension to the auto logout by using wgserver.session.idle_limit.


      Has anyone had any similar experiences and ideas around this issue?