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    Basic Line Graph Question

    Ben Peyton

      Disclosure - I'm sure these questions seem supper simple but I have been struggling with trying to figure this out for several days now.


      I'm having one **** of a time trying to figure out how to create useful line graphs. For example, I have this data on unemployment rates for various places since 2002 and I want to just create a a graph where all of the information is displayed on it. I'm having some problems


      1. When I try and make the graph I can't figure out how to show each entity on the same graph. Instead I get separate graphs for each entity. How do I fix this?

      2. I can't figure out how to not have Tableau sum up the figures for each year. For example, Table will sum up the unemployment rates for each year so that the Y axis isn't between 4-11 percent but like 60 and 110. How do I stop that from happening?


      I've attached some of the data for anyone to take a look at.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated or even any suggestions on where to find answers to this problem. Thank you.