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    End of the Year User Group Meetings

    Dustin Smith

      Hi User Group Leaders,


      Many of you are already holding end of the year meeting with your user groups and that is great!  With all the material from conference we've seen some pretty awesome agendas.


      For those that are looking to hold December meetings here are some awesome materials to help out:


      Agenda Examples:


      Giving Demonstrations of Tableau version 8:

      • Anyone who isn't in the Beta program and wants to be, let me know
      • Anyone who would like someone from Tableau to take part in your TUG meeting and give an 8.0 demo, contact me via email at dsmith@tableausoftware.com
      • For those that are in the Beta program - here is a list of Desktop features you should be sure to hit when giving a demo
        • Analytics
          • Computed Sets
          • Visual Groups
          • Shared Filters
          • SQL Parameters
        • User Experience
          • Orange Field Highlights
          • Marks Card Improvement
            • Multiple Marks
          • Multiple Pills on Labels
          • Dashboards
            • Floating Elements
            • Fine Grain Element Controls
        • Visualization
          • Non-Cartesian Charts
            • Treemap
            • Bubble Chart
            • Unit Charts
            • Word Clouds