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    Filtering on total

    Kirill Andriychuk

      I have a table that has volumes and other metrics by quarter with a grand total. I want to filter out the items that had a minimum grand total for the visible period that is set by the user. However, when I create calculated column as RUNNING_SUM(SUM([VOL])) and give user the options to use it as a filter, the values that are bellow the filter levels disappear, but the actual records and the totals remain.


      So basically we show this as a top record and I want the user to be able to filter only where volume is greater then $100

      Screen Shot 2012-11-28 at 12.18.39.png


      When I create the calculated field RUNNING_SUM(SUM([VOL])) and set it as a filter with minimum value 100, the numbers inside disappear but the record itself and the totals remain as per image.

      Screen Shot 2012-11-28 at 12.19.00.png


      Any help?