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    Quick filter showing previous selected value

    Philip George



      I have 2 filters active in my worksheet.if I select something from  filter1 then entire sheet will be filtered and only relevant values will come in filter 2.if I select something from filter 2 again sheet will be filterd.In filter 1 I am not selecting the " onlyrelevant values."


      after doing this if I directly select another value from filter1 without clearing the previous filters what will happen is entire sheet becomes empty and previous filter value will be present in brackets in filter2.

      How can I avoid this? I want to display all values in filter 2 as default if I change the filter1.


      Thanks in advance.



      Philip George

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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Philip,


          There is currently no way for a quick filter that is showing Only Relevant Values to default to All Values if something else is selected in a different filter. The best option would be to have the All option at the top of the second quick filter so that regardless of what is selected in the first quick filter, something will be returned when All is selected in the second. This might be a good one for the ideas section.