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    Reseting the date used for an incremental refresh

    Stephen Smirl

      Can you reset the date used by the system to determine the the data included in an INCREMENTAL refresh ? 


      For example, we had a future date sneak into our data with a date of 03/31/2013.  Now all of the incremental refreshes are skipping records that are less than 03/31/2013, leaving no rows to insert.   We've corrected the underlying data and added a control, but now i am trying to reset the incremental date used in the process.  Is this possible somewhere ?

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          Rhys Newell

          I would also love to see a response on this.  I have a number of examples where the most recent week's data is not complete ( status of these records will change )  however all data prior to that is in it's final state.  So Ideally I want my extract to be  Date <= today -7.  The filter section doesn't seem to let me use a parameter or calculated field in order to specify that date.