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    Calculating Percent of Students with Growth/Loss

    Andrea Gilbert

      I need to create a bar chart that calculates the percent of total students who have growth/loss/static overall RITs from one testing period to another. For example, a user might check 2011-12 BOY and 2011-12 EOY and then I need a bar chart to show something like 70% of students had a RIT score that grew, 20% stayed the same, and 10% showed a loss.  I really don't know how to even start this, your help is greatly appreciated!

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          Justin Emerick



          Can you make an extract of your data set, save it locally (likely just the same folder as the workbook) and then save the tableau document as a Packaged Workbook?


          Upload the packaged workbook instead of the zip file. The doc you uploaded only has the twb and not the data so there is no way to really open it. We need a packaged workbook with the data extract included.