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    running total against a MS analysis services datasource

    Chris Locke

      Brand new to tableau so your help is appreciated


      I have a prebuilt cube in analysis services (tabular).  My time dimension has:



      day num

      month num


      I'm trying to set up a simple month over month comparison:


      Filter last 2 months


      month num on columns

      day num on rows

      payment amount as the primary measure


      trying to add a running total - right click on payment amount - ive chosen both quick table calculation and add table calculation.  in all cases, the result is that the field name changes to "running sum of payment amount" but the value is not a running sum but simply the monthly value.


      Not sure why...

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          Russell Christopher

          Hey Chris -


          There aren't tons of people working with the TDM in Tableau yet, so I'm guessing you won't get a huge response to this question. We also don't yet officially support connectivity to the TDM, even though it works pretty well.


          That being said, let's give it a shot. If worse comes to worse, you'll be able to write MDX to take care of this.


          Is there any way you can show me what you want using the AdventureWorks TDM sample? That way we can look at the same thing vs. trying to guess at it. Maybe point at the AW tabular model and then post the workbook?