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    Top N rows in a day action filter?

    Glen Park

      Hello everyone,


      I have a workbook with multiple worksheets.  There is one worksheet where I display daily averages of a measure (time from order date to the date the order shipped) and I would like to set up an action filter so that when I click on one of those days, it will target the next worksheet and open up the top 10 orders with the longest ship times for that day.  I found the following example which gets me halfway there:




      When I tried to set this up, I was able to create this context filter but when I click on a day in the first worksheet and it targets the 2nd worksheet though the action filter, no information comes up.  I'm guessing that it's trying to look at the top 10 orders from all of history as opposed to just the day I'm trying to look at.  Does anyone have any ideas how I can set it up in this fashion?