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    Using an Extract and Packaged Workbook with Reader

    Chaya Gordon Burstyn

      The main file I work with has a live connection to my data in a SQL database.  In addition, I save the file as a packaged workbook so that others without a live connection can view the file in Reader.  1) When I extract the data, where is that data saved?  Is it saved along with the packaged workbook so that someone viewing the packaged workbook through Reader can see the data or is it saved only on my local computer preventing people opening the workbook from a different computer from seeing the data?  When I create the extract it does not offer my an option of where to save it.  2) I have been making changes to my file with the live connection and then when I try to save it as a workbook it wants me to first extract the data each time.  What is the best and easiest method for working with a live connection and then saving it as a packaged workbook for others to view when the data is refreshed on a daily basis--do I need to go through this manual process of first extracting the data and then saving the packaged workbook each time I want to make changes or is there some simpler way to do it.  Thank you.