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    How do I find the Min and Max of calculated field?

    Heather Fingalson

      I am looking to find the MIN and MAX values of the TOTAL per month.  But since I have several rows per month, simply using the MIN/MAX functions give me the MIN or MAX of an individual record only.  


      example - For instance my data is number of Apples sold per day by location.

      day             count

      01/01/2012  5...

      01/31/2012  6

      02/01/2012  9...

      02/28/2012  6

      03/01/2012  8...

      03/31/2012  5


      So the total for January may be 150 and the total for February may be 130, and the total for March 145.

      As is, the  MIN would give me "5" and Max would give me "9",

      but what I need to be able to get is Max = 150, and MIN = 130.


      I do not want to show the month in the end results.

      I don't want to use a custome sql to group the data by month because I will have to be able to drill down to the specific date.