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    Filter Action is Null - How to change to different value?

    Chris Toomey

      I'm building a reporting dashboard using Country Names and I am having difficulty working through the following problem.


      My dashboards are map driven, and the data has specific countries grouped into Regions.  The point is to pick a region, then pick a country, and then see certain performance metrics.  For the majority of the countries, it isn't a problem to build the actions to filter across the dashboards, except in two cases. 


      1. The EU countries' metrics are reported as EU, but the Action has to be by State.  How might I set up a calculated field or something so that when I click on an EU country, and it passes the Filter Action to the metrics dashboard, it reads the Country as "EU?" 


      2. There is a regional operator in South America, so we have to report the individual country's performance AND the regional operator's performance.  How might I write some Calculated Field or a Parameter so that I can toggle between the countries and the regional operator?  I obviously cannot click on the regional operator from the map, as it isn't a country...so any thoughts about enabling some type of toggle (I'm thinking I need some type of parameter).


      I'm stumped.






      PS - everything is running off of extracts

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          Derk Busser



          It is a bit difficult to answer without seeing any workbook. But what i can imagine from your questions:


          1.In this case you can maybe switch by using a case switcher in a calculated field e.g. :


          CASE WHEN [Country] = "France"  THEN "EU" etc etc.


          2. In this case a parameter would enable you to either see countries or operators. You would need to give the regional operators a lat and long value. Create a parameter with "View" or something similar. Then create a calculated field where you read the parameter and return the [country] or the [regional operator] dimension.


          If this is not what you wanted, please post a workbook that we can work with. Add dummy data if it is a confidentiality issue.



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            Shawn Wallwork

            Hey Derk welcome to the forums! You've been posting some good answers. But that quickie CASE statement of your's may be a bit misleading for newer members. It looks to be a mash-up of a CASE and IF as far as syntax goes. I suspect you meant:


            CASE [Country]

            WHEN 'France' THEN 'EU'

            WHEN 'Germany' THEN 'EU'



            That said, it's great to have another knowledgeable Tableau user aboard!



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              Derk Busser

              You are right! I mixed up with MySQL syntax. There it is possible to mix if statements inside of a CASE Switch.


              Then again, it is easiest to solve these issues when actually seeing it in front of you in Tableau.