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    Multiple sets of lat/longs and variance

    Anne Keune

      Hi all (I am new so bare with me!),


      I have a table with columns like this: lat1 long1 lat2 long2 lat3 long3.

      I would like to create a map with just 3 data points on it: (AVG(lat1),AVG(long1)), (AVG(lat2),AVG(long2)) and (AVG(lat3),AVG(long3)).

      How do I get these points into one map?


      I'm struggling with the fact that if I add long1/lat1 and long2/lat2 to a column/row and use dual axis, I also get the cross-coordinates

      of lat1xlong2 and lat2xlong1, which I don't want. Any solution for this?


      Also, I would like to have an 'error' on the average the size of the deviation of the distribution. I seem to manually be able to add Gantt bars

      as vertical error bars, but I am not sure how to do the horizontal bars. And to keep the map background at the same time!

      Another solution could be to use circular markers with the radius the size of the deviation or something, but I have only managed relative marker sizes so far. So, any suggestions on this are very welcome as well! Hope you can help.





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          Michael Kayton

          Hi Anne,


          I am also very new to this, but from what I've seen so far, I think a better approach might be to transform your data

          so that you have only one set of Lat, Long columns.


          I'm assuming that your [Lat1,Long1], [Lat2,Long2], [Lat3,Long3] columns describe three different types of points. So maybe something like this:









          You can Assign different markers to the points based on point_type.


          I could be totally wrong about this...