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    Calculation with filtered measure and total number of records

    Brittany Fong

      I have a bar graph where I am computing % of orders on time.  I need to be able to exclude certain "reason late codes" (C1 and C2 because they stand for a weather delay or something out of the carriers control).  But still be finding the % of orders on time in relation to all orders (regardless of late code)


      So right now when I use a filter Tableau is taking: (number of orders on time for E1 and E2)/(number of orders for E1 and E2) whereas I would like (number of orders on time for E1 and E2)/(total number of orders for total number of orders: E1, E2, C1, and C2).  Is there a way that I can store the total number of records and use it in a calculation?

      I have attached a workbook bc I know this problem sounds very confusing.

      Thanks in advance!