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    Parameter Context Filter

    Greg Miller

      I saw a post ealier on someone creating a parameter filter and adding it to context, but when the parameter is changed the filter does not automatically update.  Does anyone know how to fix that, or is there a work around.  In my case I want to show both a monthly view and a 12 month rolling trend, the context come in because on the Monthly view I have a filter on top 5. 


      Thanks, GM

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          Andy Piper



          I haven't tried what you're doing, but if  the context filter creates a static temporary table instead of a dynamic one, then it won't be possible and would need to be recreated each time. The only thread I see where someone had success with this (http://community.tableau.com/thread/112695) indicates some SQL querying outside of Tableau helped; but the person did not post the workbook or information on the query used, so it's quite possible that the any change made the use of the parameter obsolete.