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    Creating a Filter on Selected Sheet

    Zachary Hagopian

      So I've created a text table with data organized by store number.  I created an action that brings me to a new dashboard when I click on one of the store numbers.  The new dashboard consists of store location on a map, as well as the original text table, and a flexible text table.   As of now, when I click on the store number on one dashboard, the action brings me to the second dashboard, where each sheet is sorted based on the store number I chose.   The only sheet that shows more than the store number I chose is the sheet that occurs in both dashboards.  


      I may not have done a good job explaining this, but is there a way to have a sheet filter on itself in a way?   So, is there a way for me to click on a store number in one sheet, and that same sheet on another dashboard will be filtered based on the store number I click on?  Thanks for the help.

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          Shawn Wallwork

          Zachary, I'm not sure I completely understand your situation, but you might try duplicating your data connection for that sheet that is giving you troubles. Then using the duplicate to create the sheet for the destination dashboard. If you could post a packaged workbook, or mock up your situation using the superstore data set, I can be of more help.