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    Linking Charts to Microsoft Word

    Glenn Lithgow



      My customers are a bit behind the times and want to continue to receive a lengthy report in Word that contains static data.  The current report is in Word 2007 and contains around 60 charts.  It is linked to Excel 2007 to pull in the charts.  I'm trying to move our reporting to Tableau and eliminate the Excel charts.  We have Tableau Server and I'm hoping there's a way to publish each worksheet or dashboard in a Tableau Workbook in a way that can be linked to Word.  I'm not looking for interactive capability, just static images.


      The process will need to be repeated each month and where there are so many charts, the Export Image approach isn't feasible.  I'm looking for something like:

      1.  Refresh Tableau data.

      2.  Send (publish) Tableau charts to network locations using Tableau Server (this would refresh the files that are linked to from the Word report).

      3.  Open Word report template and refresh links to update charts.


      Any ideas?