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    periodically refreshing extracts with tableau professional

    Giovanni Bricconi



      I'm quite new to Tableau, and I have some questions about extracting and sharing files.


      I share a file with other users that uses tableau reader to do some analysis, to do that I daily

      run the command "data" -> "refresh all extracts" to update the extracts and then "file" -> "export packaged workbook"

      to overwrite their twbx file


      My questions are:

      1. Is it possible to automate this process? I saw some post about a command called tabcmd: is it the right tool? is it available with tableau professional ?


      2. sometimes a user forgets the reader open and I am unable to overwrite the extraxts because the message "the file is being used by another process" appears. Is it possible to force somehow the overwriting of the files?





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          Darren Evans

          Hi Giovanni,



          You cannot automatically update data extracts from within Tableau Desktop.


          This is one (of many) great features of the Tableau Server product which can set up schedules to update extracts. Tabcmd is part of the Server architecture.




          This is more of a file system issue as when the file is opened it is locked to prevent other people from amending it. You cannot force an overwrite whilst it is in this state.