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    How much data are you using in Tableau?


      Interested to hear what others are experiencing performance-wise with large volumes of data in Tableau:


      What is the largest amount of data (how many rows) that you have extracted into Tableau, then used in a workbook?

      Have you hit any performance issues on Tableau Server for users interacting with filters when you have a large amount of data?

      Do you have any suggested guidelines for a max amount of data to use?



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          Alex Kerin

          It's a lot less to do with row count but rather what you do with that data - want to show 100,000 points on a map - it's going to be slow. Desktop can handle 70m rows without blinking, but with complex table calcs will shudder after 10s of thousands.


          As you're designing a dashboard, careful design and aggregation should be no problem.