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    Multiple filters in OR configuration

    R Campbell

      This might perhaps be a feature request, as I'm still very new to Tableau, but perhaps it is possible...


      The specific problem I'm trying to solve is to be able to select just two Universities from a list of 300 to compare their QS ranking scores for the past 9 years on a line chart.  Now, it is possible to use the custom value list, but this is not ideal for many reasons (you can select as many options as you like, the search functionality is awkward, you can select all or none etc., you have to deselect one item before selecting another if you want to just compare two options...)


      It should seem fairly straightforward to be able to use two (or more) compact lists in tandem on the same dimension and have them act as an OR filter together - this way you would always be comparing two universities (or whatever you're comparing) and switching one or the other would be as easy as pie.


      Please let me know if you're able whether there is a simple solution, it is impossible, or there's a work-around!