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    How to plot scatter of total sales in two product categories?


      Just started evaluating Tableau and looks like there is a lot to love. One of my first tasks I thought would be pretty simple but I seem to be struggling. I've got a basic dataset that contains:

      CustomerName   Product Category   PurchaseAmount

      I am trying to do a simple scatter plot of the total purchases in one category vs another one, with the dots being customers (or a set of small multiple scatters that show each product category vs others)


      I was able to get it to work by creating a bunch of calculated fields, one for each category and using formula IFF [Category] = 'Furniture', 1,0 for example.

      This seems really clunky. This is the same use case as if I used the sample SuperStore Sales dataset and wanted to scatter plot sum(sales) for one product category against another.

      Thanks so much.