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    TDT Viz

    Shawn Wallwork

      I'm preparing a viz for tomorrow's TDT. It's a Remix of Moritz Stefaner's Remix of Hans Rosling's famous Gapminder chart. It will look something like this:

      TDT Nov-1.PNG


      It works pretty much the way I want it to, but to get the 'Legend' to animate I put it in with the 'Countries', so it gets listed in the country filter and color legend. Ideally, I'd like to eliminate it in both these places, without having it disappear from the chart. Anybody got any ideas how I might do this?


      Also, I've only come up with questions for Botswana, Afghanistan & Iraq. Feel free to suggest questions for any of the other countries. I'm thinking this could be an interesting viz for teaching high school or middle school (?) kids both how to read a chart and learn about other countries through research.


      Thanks for any help you can offer.




      EDIT:Joe, Richard and Jonathan all took a whack at this, and the general conclusion is that the animated legend can't be done -- good to know. Richard suggested just using the page name (year) to indicate the progression, which is what I ended up doing. Jonathan suggested changing the marks borders and making the year counter larger, which I also did. Thanks for the input guys!


      So the final (mostly) version is now attached. Let me know what you think.