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    CountD Calculation on named fields

    Greg Blackshields

      Hi there


      trying to establish a % rate for Renewals and Retention using CountD but canot seem to get the calc to work.

      In my dataset I have a field name ''Amended Licenc Action '' that has a number of components to it- I can get a CountD on the total field itself but when I try to calc my Renewal Rate or Retention rate off this field the CountD does not seem to work, a Count though works fine.


      For say Renewals there are certain actions with this ''Amended Licence'' field that make it up, again same for Retention rates.

      On their own I can get the CountD but as you will see from the attached workbook my % are all over the place for the rates I need to assign.


      Any ideas or help with a table calc to allow CountD go across various fields