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    Table showing net score for each question/score combination

    Philip Ressler

      Hi All,


      I am having trouble re-creating a visual we normally do in excel/access.  I have some survey result data that has been normalized with a question and score field to allow me to throw each one onto an axis to build the table structure (originally each question had it's own field).  In the example below, I've put the question as columns and the score as rows.  What I want to show in the text is the net score (% of 9's and 10's minus % of 1-6's) for a specific question based on what score they gave to each question, so for example, if they gave a 3 to Q2, what was their average net score of Q1?  If I create a calculated field for the net score for Q1 specifically, nothing shows up on the table as it is effectively filtered out.  Hopefully this makes sense and i'm just missing something obvious, but any help would be greatly appreciated.  (If someone has a solution to show the average score for Q1 on the table, i'm sure I could adjust the solution to use net score instead).  Thanks!


      HeatTest.jpg     Heat Example.bmp