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    Giving user filters and row-level restrictions

    Divyapriya M



      I'm using Tableau 6.1 and need to perform user-level filtering. Basically, I want that when User A logs in, the Geography filter automatically filters and displays only 5 states (out of 10 states, say) and when User B logs in, the next 5 states are only visible on the Geography filter (and NOT the first 5 states).


      This way, each manager (user) must be able to see only those states he is responsible for. I was looking at this link : http://kb.tableausoftware.com/articles/knowledgebase/row-level-security-and-user-filters.


      But, sadly, I'm using Tableau 6.1 and not getting the list arrow in the lower right area of the workbook window (as mentioned in the above link - Step 9 in first approach and in Step 15 of second approach).


      I kindly request help on this urgent issue!


      Thanks a ton, in advance!