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    Sharing a Tableau figure from an iBook on Facebook

      My colleagues and I are designing an iBook that shows Tableau figures (embeded using Tumult Hype). There are four main problems we have encountered:


      1) When we click on any one of the figures, and try to send the figure by email, the button does not work


      2) When we try to share it by clicking on the Facebook icon, a Facebook page substitutes the figure in the box. You are indeed able to share it. But after you are done, the Facebook page continues to substitute the figure, even after closing and reopenning the figure box. Only after closing the iBook and re-opening it are you able to see the figure again. The same thing happens with Twitter. When we use Tableau in a normal pc, sharing buttons open a pop-up browser with the Facebook page. How are we able to reproduce this for the iBook?


      3) The third problem is that users who are offline are unable to see an expanded version of the figures because the Tableau box goes blank when it is trying to connect. Isn't there a way to make a non-interactive expanded version of the figure available for users?


      4) When we try to share the figures in facebook, the name item to be shared becomes the figure's filename - which is quite complicated and unattractive! Is there a way to create an alias for the filename so that the actual TITLE of the figure is heading the facebook item and not the filename? I attached a picture to illustrate the problem



      Anyone has any ideas?