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    Can a calculated field which takes values from 2 data connections be made a dimension?

    Archana Amarnath



      We have connected our dashboard to teradata using multiple tables option. We have joined different tables from teradata to get one data connection. And because we have a complex query, we have connected to another table as a separate data connection. So, we have 2 data sources in our dashboard. We have a parameter which selects a field from data source 1 or another field from data source 2 based on user choice.


      In this field we are having to give ATTR(field name) otherwise we get an error. Due to this the field is a measure by default but we want it to be a dimension.


      Can someone help me with this issue?


      As a work around to this problem, can we use a initial sql quey along with multiple table options to get my secondary data source.


      Would be really helpful if someone can throw light on these problems.