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    Hierarchy in Tableau

    Philip George



      I have created a 3 hierarchies in my data set and given names for hierarchies.there is one column MI_ID which is common to all hierarchies.


      I am keeping MI_ID field and after that other 3 hierarchies into the rows shelf.


      1)When I Drag and drop the hierarchy into the rows shelf.I am not able to see the Name that I given for the hierarchy.How Can I see the Name of the hierarchy on top children of hierarchy in report?


      2)Since 3 hierarchies I am using,Can I give separate colors for each hierarchy?


      3)When I click on the + sign on top of hierarchy,is it possible to display all the children of that hierarchy in one click instead of clicking on + again and again.



      Philip George

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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Philip,


          1. The best option I can think of to show the name of the hierarchy in the view would be to rename each hierarchy member with the hierarchy name before the rest of the dimension name.


          2. What do you mean by giving each member of the hierarchy a different color?


          3. To show all the children of a given hierarchy, the plus signs will need to be clicked or the children of the hierarchy will each need to be placed on the view directly from the data box.


          Hope this helps!