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    Count of Products in total and in a selection

    Tony Course

      I want to count how many products I have, and also how many I have selected.


      I have say 700 products in my extract.


      I select say 3 departments with 200 products.


      On the same vis I want to show 200 products and 700 products


      To do this I have created a duplicate of the same extract.


      I use the count distinct against product name (and it calculates - the amount selected) ie 200


      However I can't get Tableau to look at the copy of the extract and calculate the total. ie 700

      (although I have successfully done this with other calculations eg Sales for selection and in total)


      I attach a sample worksheet with some sample data.




      Message was edited by: Tony Course  I have now added packaged workbook. sorry for the mistake.