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    Large Datasets - how can I speed things up to make the data load quicker?

    Alexandra Clay

      Hello -


      I have Tableau Desktop and I am working with very large datasets (300,000+ records) and 4 separate tables from access. I am also connected to the data live. I did some building yesterday, and it was taking forever for the data to load. Everytime I made a change I waited at least 10-20 minutes for the change to load. I just opened the file to start working with the data again and it has been 25 minutes and the Tableau file still has not opened! This is CRAZY! I am worried too that if it is taking this long to load for building, that it will take this long when the actual dashboard is built. I do not think our clients will be happy with this...


      Does anyone have suggestions on how to speed things up? how to make this load faster?


      Thank you,