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    Datediff Function with Variable Start Date

      I am trying to compare productivity rates of short processes (less than a week) that happen an irregular intervals.  I would like to use the formula:




      But the DATEDIFF function will not allow the use of an aggregated function (MIN).  I have tried to convert MIN([ShiftDate]) to a string and then convert back to a date in an attempt to "trick" tableau into forgetting it is an aggregated value without success. 


      For the meantime I have calculated it this way:


      if [PID] = "10" then (DATEDIFF('day',#November 10, 2011#,[ShiftDate]))+1

      elseif [PID] = "11" then DATEDIFF('day',#September 10, 2012#,[ShiftDate])+1

      elseif [PID] = "12" then DATEDIFF('day',#October 10, 2012#,[ShiftDate])+1

      elseif [PID] = "13" then DATEDIFF('day',#October 18, 2012#,[ShiftDate])+1



      But this is rather clumsy and is difficult to apply across several of these processes automatically.


      Any Ideas?