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    initial view not jumbled?

    Hunter Schimpff


      What is a solution for clearing up a reporting portion of my dashboard that looks very jumbled when the dashboard first loads?


      My example is: http://public.tableausoftware.com/views/MemphisTCAP-2011/Dashboard1


      and the "Memphis 2011 TCAP" is what I'm referring to.


      I'd still like the filter to be a multiple value list, so users can select the schools they want to compare.


      Is there a way to make it look cleaner?



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          Jonathan Drummey

          You have the Memphis 2011 TCAP set to Fit->Entire View, if you set it to Fit->Width then it won't compress the results. Since every row is on the same scale, you could get rid of the axis legend by turning off Show Header for the Measure Values. I'd also suggest not using the same color palettes for each worksheet, i.e. not re-using the default palette.


          I don't know what the goal is of the pie chart, just having the % race/ethnicity of each school might be what you want, you might instead display something like variation from average.


          There are lots of directions this could go, the key questions to ask are a) what do the users want/need to see and b) what will they do with that information?



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            Hunter Schimpff

            Thanks for the help!